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How to find a job here?

Often, I’m approached by someone who’s looking for a job. Some have certain expectations of Chemelot Industrial Park or Brightlands Chemelot Campus. I hope that job seekers can benefit from this blog post.

CHILL students
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What you need to know in advance
Anyone who’s looking for a job at Chemelot Industrial Park or Brightlands Chemelot Campus must know the following in advance:
  • Chemelot Industrial Park is not one company or one employer. Instead there are different companies located on site and they all have their own personnel.
  • Also at Brightlands Chemelot Campus there are different companies with their own personnel.
  • All those companies have their own human resource policies and therefore they decide what employment terms apply for new hires. Although those conditions do not differ that much, they’re not the same.
  • The campus has the ambition to increase the number of workplaces at the campus, read “What is the campus focusing on?”. This ambition creates expectations, but part of these jobs still need to be created by innovative companies.
  • In principle, for all vacancies on site and at the campus fairly high job requirements apply. We’re talking about highly qualified employees, like knowledge workers at the campus. Employers rather leave vacancies unfilled than to make concessions to the required professional qualifications.
  • In addition to direct employment there’s secondary employment at suppliers and service providers who cater to the companies on site and at the campus – those companies also have a demand for qualified personnel.
The right diploma
For a job on site or at the campus the right diplomas are minimal requirements. Below some relevant suggestions.
In fact, it starts with selecting relevant subjects in the secondary education: physics, chemistry and biology are the best choices to prepare for a job on site or at the campus.

Particularly CHILL and Maastricht University attract a lot of foreign students. It is worth mentioning that Maastricht University ranks as 14th most international university in the world.

And now finding a job
Below some places are listed where vacancies on site and at the campus are posted.
  • The companies on Chemelot Industrial Park via, in the section ‘Companies’
  • The companies and institutes at the Brightlands campuses via (the menu option ‘Companies & institutes’, where you can easily select the campus of your choice)
  • The employers on Chemelot Industrial Park have a joint recruitment site:
  • The online recruitment site Banenrijklimburg:
  • The online recruitment site Limburgvac:
These websites have one or more Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, where the vacancies are also posted.

Network meetings
Finally, I recommend to find out which meetings are organized in your field of expertise at or near Chemelot. Try to attend such meetings.

Good luck
I tried to make some helpful suggestions, now it’s your turn to actually find a (new) job.
I wish you lots of success.

This is a repost of my (Dutch) April 11, 2016 post.
Read my May 20, 2013 blog post about the reason why of my English reposts.

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