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Blues music is alive

The blues is the cradle of contemporary popular music. Many nowadays hits can be traced back to originals of years ago. The blues lets you hear that you can vary endlessly with 12 bars. Come and check it out during the “Blues in Einekoez” bluesnight.

Blues in Einekoez
During “Blues in Einekoez”, April 10, 2015, in Einighausen, two bluesbands will perform live: the Bluesdoctors from Limburg and BIG YUYU from Mallorca. This is a good reason for diving into the rich archive of blues music.*)

Checkin' Up on My Baby
On the repertoire of the Bluesdoctors is “Checkin' Up on My Baby”, a song in which the harmonica plays an important role. The band turns it into a solid, up-tempo bluesrock song: (live 2009).

The original dates back many decades: it was recorded in 1960 (the year I was born) by the American blues harmonica player Sonny Boy Williamson II (1912-1965) – the song is one of the shortest in pop music:

Checkin' Up on My Baby” was recorded by several artists, but I have the best memories of the version by Cuby & The Blizzards: (1968; live 1974).

Reconsider Baby
Another classic of the Bluesdoctors is "Reconsider Baby": (live 2009).

The song was first released in 1954 by the American blues guitarist Lowell Fulson, but it is better known as the 1960 version by Elvis Presley:

More recent is Joe Bonamassa’s version: (2004).

Real Bluesdoctors
Looking forward to “Blues in Einekoez”, we stay close to home with the “Real Bluesdoctors”: (live 2009).

Going Down
BIG YUYU from Mallorca follows the blues tradition with “Going Down”: (live 2013).

This song was written by Don Nix, who recorded it in 1969 with his band Moloch. Shorly thereafter, it was a hit for Jeff Beck: (1972).

An instrumental piece of BIG YUYU is “San-Ho-Zay”: (live 2013).

This music was composed by Freddie King (1934-1976): (1961).

Recession Blues
BIG YUYU also plays “Recession Blues”: (live 2013).

This is a B.B. King song: (1970).

Rambling On My Mind
Furthermore, BIG YUYU plays “Rambling On My Mind”: (live 2013).

This a song by Robert Johnson (1911-1938): This musician is associated with legends and he has the dubious honor to be a member of the’27 Club’, which is formed by artists who died at 27, including Brian Jones (Rolling Stones, died 1969), Jimi Hendrix (1970), Janis Joplin (1970), Jim Morrison (The Doors, 1971), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana, 1994), and Amy Winehouse (2011) – the graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1988) is also a member of this club. The Robert Johnson songs from 1937-1937 are real classics.

Why “Blues in Einekoez”?
Well, simple: “Just For Fun”, like Cuby & The Blizzards sang: (1966).

Young blues artiests
You may think that blues is something typically for oldtimers. But what about the American blues guitarist Eric Steckel, who played the instrumental piece “Hide Away” in the Italian city of Pistoia in 2007, when he was just 17:

This young artist follows the blues tradition, because this is another Freddie King composition: (1960).

And what do you think of Eric Steckel’s peer Marquise Knox, who plays in Albert King style “The Sky Is Crying”:

This song is a classic by Elmore James (1918-1963), the King of the Slide Guitar, from 1954:

Female blues artists
Although the foregoing suggest otherwise, the blues is not a typical men’s world: also women follow the blues tradition. For instance, Ana Popovic made a beautiful live recording in Amsterdam of “Sitting on the Top of the World”: (2005).

This is song from 1930! Then, it was sung by the Mississippi Sheiks, but it became well known as the 1957 blues version by Howlin’ (Chester Burnett) Wolf:

A nice instrumental piece of Ana Popovic is “Navajo Moon”: (2005).

Susan Tedeschi from the U.S. plays “It Hurts Me Too”: (1995).

This is also an age-old song, from 1940 by Tampa Red (1904-1991), of which Elmore James made a new version in 1957:

Susan Tedeschi also plays “Rock Me Right”: (1998).

Currently, Beth Hart makes furore through her collaboration with Joe Bonamassa. She brings a wonderful interpretation of “I’d Rather Go Blind”: (live 2014).

This an Etta James song from 1967:

Beth Hart’s performance of “I’ll Take Care Of You” is also worthwile: (live 2011 original from 1959).

Talk To Me Baby
During “Blues in Einekoez”, April 10, 2015, dont be surprised when BIG YUYU starts playing “Talk To Me Baby”, written by Willie Dixon and recorded in 1960 by Elmore James: (live 2013).

Come to the “Blues in Einekoez” bluesnight
With live performances of:
Bluesdoctors (Swingblues & Bluesrock),
BIG YUYU (Hot Blues From Mallorca!),
Venue: Zalencentrum Carna, Heistraat 6, Einighausen, The Netherlands,
Date: Friday, April 10, 2015
Start: 21.30h
Entrance fee: € 5,- (…and that’s a bargain for two live bands!)
Inform relatives, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues about this one-time musical event!

To be prepared, watch the Bluesdoctors and BIG YUYU videos via the special “Blues in Einekoez” playlist (thanks to YouTube).

Go to the Facebook event page CARNA BLUESNIGHT to let the world know whether you will attend or not (not mandatory).

Keeping The Blues Alive

*) Warning: please note that not all YouTube videos can be viewed on a mobile device – watch them on a computer/laptop.

This blog post is a (combined) repost of my (Dutch) February 23, 2015 and March 16, 2015 posts.
Read my May 20, 2013 blog post about the reason why of my English reposts. An additional reason for this repost is to have as many blues lovers in Carna as possible.

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