maandag 20 mei 2013

To My English Readers

For some time now, I post on my "Blog Klaas Bos". But all these posts are in Dutch. Useless for you. Now I like to improve on this.

I plan to repost in English a recent Dutch posts once every five to six weeks. I will select a popular posts that might also be relevant to a non-Dutch audience. The translation will be done by me, so apologies for any imperfections in the translation.

My first English repost immediately follows this one.

About My Blog
My blog is about various topics that readers may find interesting or amusing. Once a week, I publish a post about a subject that aroused my interest. You may suggest topics to write about. Follow me on Twitter (@Klaas_Bos) and Facebook (Klaas Bos).

Furthermore, I like to draw your attention to Chemelot Campus, the place to be for everyone who’s active in chemistry and materials. I’m proud that this is my workplace. Follow Chemelot Campus via Internet (, Twitter (@Chemelot) and Facebook (Chemelot Sittard-Geleen).

Question: Do you have any suggestions about making my Dutch posts available to non-Dutch readers?

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